Easily Make These Inexpensive Festive DIY Cocktail Napkins

Easily Make These Inexpensive Festive DIY Cocktail Napkins on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

December 28, 2015

DIY Cocktail Napkins

    These festive DIY cocktail napkins are so easy to make and aren’t they adorable?  A yard of fabric will make about thirty of the four-inch cocktail napkins.  They are a nice addition to your holiday entertaining, and can you imagine how many different fabrics you could use for these?  In a lovely floral pattern or soft pastels, wouldn’t they be great for a summer party?  A set of these for the 4th of July in a patriotic print is an idea!

 DIY Cocktail Napkins Instructions

   You will need a light weight fabric and interfacing.   (I washed the fabric prior to cutting and sewing so there would not be any shrinkage after the napkins were sewn and washed.  A nice thing about these little napkins is that they are washable!)   Using a rotary cutter, an acrylic grid ruler, and a self-healing mat, you will need to cut five-inch squares.  (If you don’t have these tools, it may take a little more time, but you can measure and then cut the squares with your scissors.)  

   You will also need a sewing machine, thread, pins, a steam iron, and an ironing board.   On these festive Christmas napkins, I used a gold metallic thread for the topstitching.   A matching color or a contrasting color of thread can be used for this topstitching.


   For each napkin, cut two five-inch squares of fabric and one five-inch square of interfacing.  (I did use iron-on interfacing for this project.)


   With right sides together, lay one square on top of another.  Lay one square of the interfacing on top of one of the squares.  Pin the three squares together, aligning all sides.  


  Using your iron, lightly press to adhere the interfacing to the back of the top layer of fabric.  This will also make it easier to sew the interfacing without it slipping and moving while you sew.


   Stitch a one-half inch seam around the outside, leaving an opening of 1-1/2 to 2-inches.

 ( I have found a quick backstitch where you begin the stitches and where you end the stitches, helps keep the stitches from pulling out as you turn the piece right side out.)


   Trim the seams and snip the corners.  To make the crisp, clean corners, a V-notch cut into the corner seam allowance helps take out some of the fabric bulk.


   Turn the napkin rights side out, and using your iron, press.  Be sure to fold the opening seam inward and press well.

   Topstitch close to the edge, all the way around the napkin.  This topstitching will catch and secure the opening used for turning right side out, and there will be no need to hand stitch!  Secure the topstitching with one or two back stitches.


   A set of these would make a really nice gift, too.  Tied together with a  little matching ribbon, it would make a pretty presentation.  They sew up quickly, and while you watch television, you can mindlessly turn a stack of them right side out.


   These festive DIY cocktail napkins are so easy to make, you might just make several sets for yourself and maybe even some for your friends.


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