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Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

These Designer Envelopes are an Easy DIY!  I seriously cannot believe how quick and easy it is to make envelopes with this little gizmo!  Have you seen this little envelope punch board in the craft stores?  Well, I had not and when I saw it, I had to buy it!   (We are an Amazon affiliate and will receive a small percentage of any sales through this link at no cost to you.  Thanks for supporting this website!)

Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on


Don’t you just love tiny envelopes?  They can hold so many things, little notes for the kid’s lunch boxes, coins, a lock of hair for a memory book, a homemade Valentine, or some seeds for someone special.  

My idea is to make tiny envelopes for our ‘Christmas Game’.   ◄(Scroll down on this page to see some of the cards I’ve made in past years.)  Each year, I buy a bunch of items and make cheesy little gift cards to go with the gifts.  This year, I think the cards will be attached to the top of the gift and the family can read the cards out loud before opening the gifts.Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

Have you ever messed up the envelope for a birthday card, anniversary card, or whatever and had no backup replacement?  This is the solution!  The chart on the front gives the measurements for an envelope for up to a 6″ x 8-1/2″ card!  The smallest is for a 2″ x 3-1/2″ card!

Not only does the punch board make one size of envelope, it makes lots of sizes!  Emily and I had so much fun making her ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts and Boxes‘ using a similar punch board for the boxes.  They turned out so cute!Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift on

The envelope punch creates fold tabs on one side and on the other side of the punch, it rounds the corners.  On the front of the punch board is a chart where you can match the card size you have, the size of paper you need, and the 1st scoring line measurement , where you need to align your paper.  Having it right there on the face of the board is brilliant!  No need to search for paper instructions!  Not that I have ever had to do that!

Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

After choosing what size envelope you need, you simply cut paper the size indicated on the chart.  You will want to do this neatly and an X-Acto Mat, an X-Acto knife, and a metal straight edge will help keep everything straight and precise.   (We are an Amazon affiliate and will receive a small percentage of any sales through this link at no cost to you.  Thanks for supporting this website!)

Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

Next, you need to line the paper up with the corresponding score line and press the punch down.






The next step is scoring the line using the scoring tool.  

Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

Rotate the paper 90° clockwise.Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

Line up the score guide with the line you just scored.  Press down on the punch to make the fold tab and using the scoring tool, score along the score line. 

Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on









  Continue turning the paper 90° clockwise and repeating these steps until all four sides have been punched and scored.  Your paper should look like this.Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

Place one of the corners in the “Reverse Punch” located on the top side of the punch board.  Press punch to create a rounded corner.  Repeat for remaining three corners.

Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

Fold on the scored lines and using the scoring tool, slide the blade along the folded edge to make nice sharp folds.Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

Dab a small amount of Tacky Glue along the underside of the bottom flap edges and fold over the two side flaps.  Tacky Glue is thicker than regular school glue and holds more quickly.  You only need a thin line along the edge, allowing a little room for spreading when folded and pressed together. Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on Isn’t this great?  It looks perfect and this is the first envelope I made with this little jewel!

No more boring envelopes!  Now we can make Designer Envelopes for every occasion and every season!  Designer Envelopes – Easy DIY!Designer Envelopes - Easy DIY on

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