Make Your Own Beautiful Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath

Make Your Own Beautiful Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath on
 February 2, 2016

Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath – Part 1

      Make Your Own ‘Beautiful Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath’!  It is so easy and gorgeous!  I love the texture the folded felt circles give.  It reminds me of the cockscomb flowers!   This picture was supposed to be of the finished project, but taking care of my little grandbaby took precedence this weekend.  Pictures of the finished wreath will be posted tomorrow.


   In truth, this has been a vision in my mind for awhile.  The original vision was a heart shaped wreath.  Alas, no heart-shaped forms were at any of my usual craft haunts.  There must have been a run on heart wreaths since it is so close to Valentine’s Day.  Dang!

   Regroup.  I settled on a round form.  Perhaps it is sour grapes rationalization, but I considered that by removing the eventual colorful felt decor for Valentine’s Day, this wreath could be used for other holidays, too.  A snowman could be added at Christmas, or maybe a white owl.  Maybe even some red, white, and blue decorations and a flag for the 4th of July!


   This wreath is not one to begin if you have little or no patience.  I began by cutting out 125 three-inch circles from the white felt.  As you can see in the picture, 125 three-inch circles will cover about a third of the wreath form.  It takes some time to cut the circles out neatly, but it is worth it!  


   Each of the little stacks shown in the picture contains 25 felt circle cutouts.  This is how I kept track of how many are being used for the project.


  For this project, you will need a styrofoam wreath form.  (This one is 16″ in diameter.)  About one hundred fifty 3-inch circles can be cut from 1 yard of the 72″ wide felt.  For a wreath this size, it takes about 2-1/2 yards of 72″ wide felt.  Don’t even think about using the little felt squares!

   You will also need a hot glue gun, scissors, straight pins, and a little screwdriver to push the pins in securely.                                                                               

    Make a 3″ round template from paper and cut out the first round.  It’s easier to use the felt cutout as a template.  The felt round sticks to the felt fabric and makes it easier to cut around.


   Cut out the 3 ” rounds.  To begin adding them to the wreath form, fold one of the circle cutouts in half.

Fold one side in 1/3 of the half circle and then fold the back side in 1/3 of the way, in the opposite direction.


    Open the fold on one side of the angle at the base and place a dab of hot glue there.  Squeeze together, open the other side and glue there, too.

    With a straight pin, pierce through all the layers of the felt where you just glued, and attach to the wreath form, as shown in the picture.

   To save my fingers, and push the pin head securely into the wreath, a little screwdriver was used.


 Turn the folded circles in different directions as you pin them to the wreath.  

   You can see the progression as each stack is used.

   This part of the project goes pretty quickly.


  So I guess the big reveal will be tomorrow.  Can’t wait to get this one finished!

   To pin this, click here ►DIY Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath.

   Come back tomorrow to see how to finish and Make Your Own Beautiful Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath!  (Click here ►Part 2)



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