DIY Wreaths That I Love!

DIY Wreaths That I Love! on

October 2, 2015

DIY Wreaths That I Love! on 

    In the past, I have created some DIY wreaths that I absolutely love.  Seriously, I love the Christmas wreath with the silver ball ornaments.  It is elegant in its simplicity.   I could not bring myself to take it down this past year because I love it!  Having it displayed in the dining room seemed to be accepted by family and friends through February and Valentine’s Day, but by spring, maybe not so much!  In retrospect, I wish I had attached the bright red bow to be removable!  Seasonal bows could be added.  Right?   Directions for Christmas Ornament wreath.


DIY Wreaths That I Love! on   The brass tack wreath is another that I love and it still hangs over my kitchen sink on top of a black fabric Roman shade that I made.  The rust colored bow picks up the color of the wooden cabinets and I love the shiny gold against the black fabric.  It was made for the fall season but it seems perfect year round.  Directions for the Golden Tack Wreath.


DIY Wreaths That I Love! on

   I love the spring wreath.  The change to a soft purple ribbon and bow makes it even better.  This wreath reminds me of a vintage floral wreath from an old book.  The little nest with eggs is so subtle and sweet.   Even though there are not directions for this wreath in one of the blog posts,  it would be simple to copy.


DIY Wreaths That I Love! on

   The combination of burlap and sunflowers is one of my favorites.  Add a  vintage flag and it makes a very patriotic wreath.


   Right now I am in the process of planning a Halloween wreath for the front door.  Seeing a full skeleton on a wreath on Pinterest, gave me an idea.  I was contemplating whether there was a spare wreath form in the storage room or not and remembered the black frame I had used to frame a Valentine’s wreath.  


   I finally found a small lantern today in the “At Home” store.  I have been looking at all the craft stores but couldn’t find one the right size!  The dollar store had some creepy fabric, which I thought would make a nice addition.  Michael’s had some black twigs with just a little sparkle to them, which were half off and a coupon for an additional 25% off the total order made them pretty cheap!


   Last year, I Mod Podged some fall leaves.  (Don’t you just love what you can do with Mod Podge?)  My plan is to use the leaves for this wreath.  I thought if they seemed too colorful, a coat of black paint would fix that but looking at them with all of the black, I like the contrast.  Considering some silk leaves at the craft store, it just seemed they were too flat and the veining was not evident.  Why not use the real thing?  

    There is a process to my creativity.  This is the rough layout right now.   

DIY Wreaths That I Love! on


    The idea of a harlequin patterned bow seems appealing to me, but that particular ribbon seems elusive thus far.  Another day of shopping might be in order…  After all, this Halloween wreath is, hopefully, another addition to the DIY wreaths that I love!

P.S. You can see the finished wreath by clicking here ► Skeleton Wreath.

DIY Wreaths That I Love! on 

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