Do You Have A Paint Color Mistake? How To Fix It!

Do You Have A Paint Color Mistake? How To Fix It!

April 6, 2017

  Do You Have A Paint Color Mistake?  Have you ever taken someone else’s advice, knowing full well that it wasn’t right, yet you went right on and did it anyway?   In your gut you knew it and as you beat yourself up, you ask, “I knew better.  Why did I do that?”


  Well, I did not follow my own advice when I painted our master bedroom en suite several years ago!  A well-known person with her own signature paints offered chips with coordinating colors on them.  I brought one of them home and decided to paint my ceiling a bold gold color and the walls a green from her color suggestions on that chip.  Even though I had reservations, she was way more famous than I and all of her experts knew better than I, right?

    Don’t get me wrong.  They are both beautiful colors, but the saturation of color in the paint on the ceiling is more than the paint on the walls.   It has always felt a little wrong.  For an earlier post click here► For a foolproof way to choose your Paint colors.  Or click here for another post you might like ►No Fear Paint Selection.

     Seriously, the rest of my home is painted with beautiful colors following this method.  I would not change one of them!  If I have to paint again, I would probably choose the same colors.   Do you love your color choices that much?   If you choose your colors from something you love, how can you go wrong?

     I have loved the way the afternoon sun poured in the half round window at the peak of the vaulted ceiling on the west wall and illuminated the golden color.   I loved the green on the walls more.  It’s kind of like being enveloped in a meadow.

   The two colors ‘together’ have bothered me for a long time!   You could see the ceiling had a lot more saturation of color and at certain times of the day, it was unsettling.  It’s amazing how different the colors on the walls and ceiling look at different times of the day.

      The photo above is a relatively good representation of the gold color.  (It’s hard to get a perfect match with a camera and the computer.)  It is a little garish next to the softer green and the paler color, isn’t it?

   Don’t you love vaulted ceilings?   Physically painting vaulted ceilings is not something I particularly love.   So I lived with it for awhile.

   When we were working on the bathroom/dressing area, I finally decided to fix the problem.  The paint color we chose for the bathroom, Autumn Blond from Sherwin Williams, is the new color for the ceiling in the bedroom and the dressing area, but in a flat finish.  

    You may be thinking that the Autumn Blond color is just a neutral.  It is, but I could have chosen any color on the fan with that same depth of color and it would have looked better than that stark gold.  You can see that the green and the wheat have white added.  They have a softness about them.  Clearly, the gold doesn’t.

 Paint Color Cross-Pollination

    Remember in an earlier post how we cross-pollinate adjoining rooms by painting the wall color on the ceiling of the adjoining room and vice versa?  Please don’t tell me you still have all white ceilings!  If you have color on the wall, you will love the color on the ceilings!  You can paint it the same color as the wall and it will look a shade lighter.

   If you want the ceiling to look even lighter, you can skip up or down one, (depending on your fan), on the same card to a lighter tint of the wall color.


   If you want it to look darker, you will have to skip up or down, (depending on your fan), on the color fan and choose a step darker paint.  If you have tall ceilings and want them to look a little lower, you can visually bring them down with paint.  It will seem a little cozier, especially, if your ceilings are stark white!

    In the picture below, from an earlier post, you can see that the ceiling is the original green color and the walls are the Autumn Blond, which is a color pulled from the new ceramic tile on the bathroom floor.

  Yep, I love the new color!  The garish gold is gone.  I no longer look at the bedroom ceiling and wish I had painted it another color!  The whole house is in color harmony.

    This is an easy way to choose a perfect color for your next paint job.  Would you like more posts on paint and color?  Do you have a paint color mistake?



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Painting An Apartment? 10 Things You Need To know first!

Painting An Apartment?  10 Things You Need To know first!

Painting An Apartment?  10 Things You Need To know first!

January 3, 2017

   Are you thinking of Painting An Apartment?  10 Things You Need To know first!


   This past weekend, I ended up finishing a paint job my daughter had begun in her rental apartment.   She was moving forty-five minutes away, working, packing, and there is never enough time, is there?

   Her dad, her boyfriend, and I helped her pack and put the remaining furniture on a U-Haul and cart it to her new home.

   One of the last chores the next day was painting over the brown paint she had chosen to use to cover a wall in her bedroom.  I admit the dark wall did look nice with her off-white tufted headboard and bedding.

 There are 10 things you should know

before painting a wall in your apartment!

#1  Don’t paint a wall or room in a rented apartment, especially a dark color!  Apartments are temporary!  You will move and one of the last things you want to be doing is painting over that wall or room in order to save your security deposit at the same time you are trying to move into another place!


#2  A better option is to use fabric!  Fabric saturated in liquid fabric softener will adhere to the wall nicely.  (Check out this post from April where I used this technique to cover insets in the dining room.)  This technique can be used for the entire wall.

   Ready to pack up and leave?  Just catch a corner and pull.  It easily peels off the wall!  


#3  If you didn’t pay attention to #1 and you have to repaint the wall to the original color, especially if that wall is a dark color, use a paint that has a built-in primer.  It still took 3 coats of the paint she bought and because of her technique, some places took 4 coats, like the dark areas you can see in the picture below!


 #4  Technique. Knowing that some painters now roll the entire wall and then cut in the edges around the trim, ceiling, and walls, I just can’t bring myself to do that.  Call me ‘old school’.  I don’t care.  If you cut in with an angled paintbrush as you go, (unlike the picture above,) and roll into that strip along the edge before it dries, you will have a nice edge and won’t get the ‘ribboning effect’ around the edges either. 


#5  Paintbrush.  Use an angled paintbrush for cutting in the edges!  Buy a good quality paintbrush, too.   It does make a huge difference in the paint application!  No one wants to struggle pulling bristles out of an entire paint job and the paint goes on better, too.  (Keep the paint on the lower half of the bristles not all the way to the ferrule, or the metal part of the brush.)


#6  Paint Roller.  To paint a wall, don’t buy a 6″ foam roller!  It looks so cute and how about that little tray?  That tool has other good uses, but not for a whole wall!  Buy a regular 9″ Roller Cover made for Walls and Ceilings!   Aside from being larger, more paint is held on the roller with the 3/8″ nap, thereby, covering more space more quickly.
   Don’t buy a cheap one of these either!  The cheap rollers will begin to break down and leave pieces in the paint you just applied!  Yuk!

#7  Remove the faceplates!  Yes, there is one or sometimes two screws holding those to the wall!  Take a screwdriver and remove them!  Paint around the opening, allow the paint to dry and put them back.
   Even though my father died when I was thirteen, I can still hear my father saying, “Any job worth doing is worth doing right the first time!”

    Yes, this is actually what I found and yes, I did remove it and painted around it correctly.  As I was shaking my head and doing this, I turned around and noticed this faceplate on the opposite wall.  Clearly, someone else needs to read this post.


#8  Not so confident cutting in with a paintbrush?  Use blue painter’s tape around any trim to make it faster and easier to paint a sharp line or edge.  Rub the tape firmly to adhere to the surface and cut down on any bleeding under the tape. Remove the tape before the paint is completely dry to keep it from peeling.

#9  Rolling Technique.  Don’t paint up and down in a straight line all the way across the wall.  This causes striping and when you are covering a dark paint, like say this brown for instance, some areas left dark will require extra coats!
   The better way to paint is with a ‘V or W’ motion, overlapping what you have just painted.  The coverage is better and there is no striping!  Another thing people do is ‘OVER ROLL’ causing the paint applied to result in a thinner coat.  This, in turn, requires more coats of paint.


#10  Start at the top of the wall!  In my daughter’s defense, she didn’t have a ladder.  (We are height impaired.)  However, she could have gotten one before starting this!  Preparation is key.  When you start at the top of the wall and dribble paint, you can see it more easily and roll over it.  (If you start at the bottom, you have to roll back into areas that you have already painted.)

  The whole process flows better from top to bottom.  Work in about three-foot square sections as you paint, top to bottom, left to right, or right to left.


   Using the tools, which she had left for me the next day and four hours later, while my daughter was working, I finished the wall, my phone died, and I didn’t get a picture of the finished project.  However, she sent me a text after she made it back to the apartment, “Thanks, Mom, that really helped.”

    My daughter apparently never watched me paint in all the years she lived with us.  Hopefully, these tips help you.  Are you Painting An Apartment?  Here are 10 Things You Need To know first!



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Beware! Goblins Will Be Gathering Soon!

Beware!  Goblins Will Be Gathering Soon!

August 15, 2016

Halloween Ideas

    Hints of Fall are all around us and Halloween Ideas are on my mind.  The children will be off to school again in the next couple of weeks.  Soon there will be an Autumn crispness in the air.  So Beware!  The Frightening Time When Goblins Are Gathering Approaches!

    Last year, I made this skeleton wreath.  Seriously, I still love it!  I will be using it again this year.  It ended up being very inexpensive, too!  Complete directions are here►Skeleton Wreath.

    If you remember, there was a cheap and easy DIY for Halloween Luminaries on one of my posts, too.  Who knew old condiment jars could look so ghoulish?  A little bit of jute twine was added to the top of the jars and tied in a bow.  Little tea lights can be lit and used in these, but I prefer the little battery operated LED tea lights.

   Another post showed a way to use those little mini-skeleton figures, which can be bought at the dollar stores cheap.  Placed all around the tablescape, they just looked a little understated, but pretty creepy.  The thought was, a spider may look creepy, but en masse, they are a lot more unnerving!

    Although I love Spring and Summer, I have to admit that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Sophia has already been conspiring with me about what we will be making for her costume this year.   We were thinking of making a Voodoo Doll outfit.  Her mother does not approve.  Seriously? 

    In the past, we made costumes and Sophia has been Audrey Hepburn, Wonder Woman, Little Red Riding Hood, a Fairy, and a Cowgirl. ◄ Click here to see the costumes.

    So this year, my son is saving some large cardboard boxes for me from where he works.  I have a vision for a coffin to display in the front yard.  I’ve seen the coffins made with pallets, but cardboard will be easier to use.  I’d like a cross and some detailing on the lid, too.  You know that a few layers of cardboard glued together will make a very sturdy coffin.

   The plan is to also to make something moving in the coffin.  Today, I found a skeleton at Jo-Ann Fabric Store.  Their Halloween things were marked 40% off regular prices.  They sent a coupon to my cell phone for an additional 20% off the sale price!  He’s mine now.  He’s five feet tall and he is posable! 


    A vehicle windshield wiper motor is around five bucks at the store, maybe even less at the salvage yard.  I’m thinking somehow the motor can be attached to the arms of the skeleton!   Dave and Jon-Michael will probably be recruited to help with that, too! 

    The desire to make some graveyard tombstones has been haunting me for a few years.  This year, I’ll be working on at least one of these!  My vision is to have the coffin and the tombstone or tombstones creating a vignette in the landscape near the water fountain.

    Check back to see the progress in the next few weeks!  The time to start planning your Halloween decorations is now!  Don’t be left in the dark!  Beware!  The Frightening Time When Goblins Are Gathering Approaches!


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New Windows for the Entire House

New Windows for the Entire House

March 18, 2016

New Windows

  Day three of the installation process of ‘New Windows for the Entire House’ and it’s the final day!  After removing everything from the walls where the windows were located and moving all the furniture away from the walls, the house is pretty much of a mess.  


   The new Preservation High-Performance Windows are triple-paned, have a Low-E glass for UV protection, and two layers of krypton gas.  The EnergyMaxx10 are guaranteed for life. Who even knew there was such a thing as krypton gas? These windows have an R-value of 10.  


   The crew of men started on the window over the garden tub in the Master bath area.  I had this idea that they would just take a few screws out and the thing would come out easily.  Not really knowing what to expect, I watched as they used a reciprocating saw to cut the nails or screws around the perimeter of the window from the outside.  A putty knife was used to cut the caulk around the window on the inside.  


   Amazingly, the whole window came out pretty easily with a few pounds of their hammers and hands.  They cleaned up the opening and the new window was lifted up and installed in no time.  Wow!  What a difference!

    In three days, Brian and his crew of five men removed, installed, and trimmed out twenty-nine windows and also replaced the basement sliding glass door.   Before this, I did not even know how many windows we had!


   When we were finishing up with pricing and the order for these, we thought we had counted all the windows in the house, but forgot there were two in the garage! They were added to the list.  As Aaron, the salesman for American Weather Techs here in the Cincinnati area left about a month ago, I remember telling him not to find any more.  


   Then, a couple of days after Brian came to measure for the custom made windows and door, we got a call.  They had found another window!  I had to laugh!


   I don’t know which one we had all missed, but when they were drawn out and labeled with measurements, there were clearly twenty-nine.


   The view looking out of the new windows is much prettier now.  I know that sounds crazy, but it really is.  The colors look more vibrant.  The difference was really apparent when a new window was installed right next to one of the old ones.  As always, now the front door and the French door in the kitchen bay are not looking so good!  That’s for another day, though…


   This has been an exhausting four days, one entire day of prep and then three days of going through the installation, but we are extremely pleased with the results.

Yes, and Memphis was here visiting for the first two days.


    The installers even found a bird’s nest in the right corner of this window.  A small hole in the frame allowed access to an opening for a bird to build a nest.  That is gone now.  Notice the work out front.  Fiber optic cable is going in on our street right now.  Doesn’t it seem everything goes on all at once?


   If you are looking for new windows, you should check out these energy efficient Preservation Windows.  What a huge difference they have made!  The house is actually quieter, too, and I like quiet.


   Since we have the Low-E windows now, I’ve decided not to put the remote controlled blinds back.  I love the clear view of the woods behind the house and won’t have to worry about damage to the furniture and fabrics any longer.   And now, the task of cleaning and re-installing all of the blinds, curtains and drapes begin!  A few minor adjustments of furniture placement might be in order, too.   


      This whole adventure has pushed up my spring cleaning schedule and that is probably a good thing.   (Dave has gone fishing.)  There’s nothing like new windows for the entire house to get you motivated!





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6 Little Ways You Can Easily ‘Organize Your Home’

January 5, 2016


   On my eternal quest to better organize my home, I did come up with six little ways you can easily ‘organize your home’  that have been very successful here.

 Number 1 is creating drawer organizers for the kitchen utensils. Every time I open the kitchen drawers I appreciate the custom wooden dividers.

    Those pre-made plastic dividers never seemed to work well, and they slid all over the drawer bottom.   It seems to me that there is more room now.  Details for the custom made drawer dividers ◄here.

   Number 2 is the addition of a shelf in the cabinets.  No more tall stacks of dishes.  I can’t believe I did not think of this many years ago!  Being a petite person, this definitely makes it easier to retrieve dishes!  Dishes that are not used as often are stored on the top shelves.  (Alex laughs when she sees me open the lower cabinet and step on it to reach something on the top shelf.  She is not ‘height impaired’ and said how ‘cute’ that was as she was laughing!)  


 Number 3 is taming the plastic bags from the grocery.  Everyone knows that wadded up paper or plastic takes up more room than when those same items are flat or neatly folded.   Those grocery bags are no exception.  Although my family still laughs at my folding of these bags, it keeps them so neat and tidy, I love it.  

   The first time I folded all the wrinkled up bags that were stuffed in this organizer, the contents took up half the space.  This one is a winner.  For folding instructions, click here ►Bag folding.



  Number 4 is adding the rod above the washer and dryer and color coordinating hangers for each bedroom.  This has really been helpful!  A hanger of a particular color has been assigned to each person or bedroom.  When I do Dave’s   laundry, I use the black hangers.  If there aren’t any on the rod over the washer, I know to look in our closet.  It made it easy to know where the empty hangers were when all of the kids were living here. 

   Number 5 is the addition of the basket on the tank of the toilet.  It is so much easier to make sure there are spare rolls of toilet paper.  Hidden away in the cabinet, I never noticed when there was not another roll available.   It is now easy to see when one needs to be replaced, long before it is actually needed.  Spare towels, tissues and bars of soap are also in these baskets.


   Number 6 is this little crate filled with a couple of coffee cups, little cocktail napkins and two sizes of glasses.  The little crate was found at the fabric store marked down to five bucks.  When I picked it up I wasn’t sure what to do with it. A centerpiece was a consideration, but it just seemed like a steal.   This is a little more rustic than an item I would typically choose, but there was just something about it.

    In the end, it sits beside the coffee pot and under the cabinets where the cups and glasses are stored.  Sometimes the family uses these, but I also noticed guests picking them up and helping themselves.   Amidst the chaos that often transpires when we have company, someone might be overlooked when the drinks are passed around. This little crate has actually come in handy more than once.

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             Hopefully, one or more of these 6 Little Ways You Can Easily ‘Organize Your Home’ will be useful in your own home.




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